With the same desire to showcase the authentic grape varieties of Southwest France, Plaimont has brought back a forgotten grape variety from its Ampelographic Conservatory – Petit Manseng. Combined with Colombard, these two grape varieties create an original blend and make this new cuvée part of the Planète Cépages range.

IO, is the name of this wine which will take you to space.

A journey through the Ampelographic Conservatory...

and on planet IO, an original blend with the perfect balance between freshness and sweetness.

The history behind the wine

After combining Merlot and Manseng Noir in Moonseng, Plaimont now invites you to discover a blend of Colombard and Petit Manseng, named after Juniper’s lunar satellite, IO. This cuvée is produced in the Côtes de Gascogne appellation, which is known for its unique microclimate. This area, influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and Pyrenees mountains, benefits from alternating mild days and cool nights that guarantees sun exposure and the absence of water stress.
IO vin blanc Côtes de Gascogne


To preserve their full aromatic freshness, the grapes are harvested early in the morning.
The juice is then transferred by gravity flow after a short period of low-temperature maceration. To fully express its aromatic potential, the temperature during alcoholic fermentation is controlled at 18-19°C.
Ageing in stainless-steel vats aims to preserve the aromas and natural liveliness of this cuvée, notably by maintaining the wines at a low temperature until bottling (6-8°C).


This original cuvée reveals intense, lively aromas of wild flowers, peach, pineapple and lychee. IO is very pleasant on the palate thanks to its delicious balance and fresh finish.

Best enjoyed as an aperitif or with exotic dishes that will take the taste buds on a journey, or at the end of the meal, with a cheese platter and savoury desserts.

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