Located on the first slopes of the Pyrenean foothills, the Saint Mont appellation covers 46 communes in the west of the Gers department. There they prosper from a particular, cool micro-climate and extremely fertile terroir.

Authentic and generous

Saint Mont is the reference appellation in terms of grape varietal research (ampelography). It is home to the first vineyard listed as a Historical Monument (in 2012), and the first private conservatory in France (since 2002).

Grape varieties

The appellation uses local and ancestral varieties: Tannat, Pinenc, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon for the red and rosé wines, Gros Manseng, Arrufiacand et Petit Courbu for the white wines.

The Saint Mont red wines are full and elegant, with dark fruit notes and of remarkable freshness.

The white wines are original, fresh and well balanced. They express aromas of citrus and yellow fruit with an attractive minerality.

The rosés are lively, light and decadent and emanate aromas of fresh red fruit.

A unique terroir.

This distinction is the reward for many long days spent exploring old parcels of carefully-preserved vineyards, and collecting valuable treasures such as certain Pyrenean grape varieties that were practically lost or forgotten.

Saint Mont has other treasures such as Lambruscos, wild grapevines that bear witness to the fact that that Vitis vinifera* has been growing on these terroirs for thousands of years.

Located on the first slopes of the Pyrenean foothills, the Saint Mont appellation covers 46 communes in the west of the Gers department. There they prosper from a particular, cool micro-climate and extremely fertile terroir.

* a vine cultivated in Europe

Portraits of winegrowers

Olivier Dabadie

40 years old, from a family of winegrowers in Saint Mont going back more than three centuries.

The family house dates from 1771 and its coat of arms bears a shell and corkscrew, meaning that the owner had made the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela and were licensed to sell wine / open a wine tavern. The family wines were served to travellers.

His credo

“Be true to yourself” Our authenticity is first and foremost the terroir and the grape varietals: others take pleasure in the “merlot” highways, here we only work endemic (local) varieties, we cultivate our typicality. And what a joy it is to have one’s breakfast every morning, gazing on the Pyrenees!”

His other passion

Rugby, a collective combat sport where commitment is magnified in solidarity, and because the struggle is vain you play the game “alone”. And how great it is to share happy times with friends and to know you have their support in when the going is hard

Sébastien Faure

47 years old, a Saint Mont winemaker since 1993.
Surface areas and appellations

Starting with 3 hectares, I built-up a vineyard of 22 hectares in the Saint Mont appellation, using conventional wine tending methods and 4 hectares that I am converting to organic farming.

His credo

I like discovering new aspects of my job and sharing my experience. I truly and firmly believe that we can and must express the full potential of our vineyards and that it is only then that we can fulfil ourselves as winegrowers.

Soizick Millet

31 years old, Saint Mont winemaker since 2016

I did not grow up in an agricultural community. I took over a winemaker’s estate; what a challenge!

Surface areas and appellations

I work an 8-hectare vineyard in the Saint Mont appellation 2 hectares of seed pieces + 22 hectares of cereal starting in February 2018.

His credo

Preservation of the environment, and of human beings. These are very important things for me and that seem to have been forgotten for time now. The fact of having to reproduce what our ancestors did and with new material means is a challenge for me. The years pass and are not the same, you always have to do a lot of testing and that’s what makes my job exciting.

His other passion

When I’m not on my farm, I’m in the Pyrenees where I enjoy both mountaineering and photography.

Discover some of our emblematic cuvées.

Côtes de Gascogne PGI

A wine-growing area for many years given over to producing Armagnac brandy, this land of plenty enjoyed a winemaking revival in the late 1970s, when André DUBOSC, founder of the PLAIMONT union, rediscovered the “French Colombard of the Gers”.

Madiran AOC

In the foothills of the Pyrenees mountain range, just 40 km from Pau, the Madiran hills stretch over 1400 hectares. The indigenous grape variety, Tannat, is at the heart of the identity and originality of our Madiran wines.

Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh AOC

Pacherenc, made in the same production zone as Madiran, is the fruit of over-ripened, sugar-rich grapes that are harvested late, giving it a wonderful freshness and smoothness.