The story of a devil disguised as a winegrower, giving in to temptation and stealing grapes from the vines of Saint Mont…

Let yourself be tempted

Grape varieties & exhibit

The ROSE D’ENFER parcels, whose Tannat, Pinenc and Cabernet Sauvignon vines are managed according to sustainable agriculture principles, have been selected for their cool locations (north or west facing) to focus on the aromatic expression of the red grapes destined for this blend.

On the table

Pale pink in colour with a bluish tint, ROSE D’ENFER is very different from other rosés on the market. It is lively and delicate, with irresistible aromas of fresh berries (red and black currant) and notes of raspberry. Wonderfully round and fresh. Great as an aperitif, or with starters, grilled meat, fish and shellfish. A versatile accompaniment throughout a meal thanks to its delicious freshness.

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