Our winegrowers are committed to excellence in the management of their vineyards. These men and women are passionate about preserving local, and in some cases, ancestral grapevines. Rightful heirs of André Dubosc’s visionary spirit, for whom quality starts in the vine, they compose unique blends with subtle aromas and character. Whether traditional or exceptional vintages, their ingenuity is acclaimed by the profession.

A timeless legacy

Plaimont is blessed with being able to preserve the only plots of pre-phylloxera vines in France. When the oldest plot was listed as a Historical Monument in June 2012, the news travelled the world over. A genuine museum dating from the First Empire (1810), this parcel combines 21 different grape varieties, some of which had never been identified. Non-grafted vines are the legacy of age-old winemaking, with square plantations and high trellises.

Exceptional vintages


The Vignes Préphylloxériques, Madeleine de Saint Mont and Cirque Nord are exceptional cuvées from semi-circular plots or century-old vines. Today these internationally renowned wines, among the best in South-West France, embellish the tables of the most prestigious restaurants in the world.

2017 wine cellar of the year

In 2017 our wine cooperative received the highest honour in the 8th edition of the Trophées du Vin, awarded by the prestigious magazine “La Revue du Vin de France”. This prize rewards the work accomplished for over 40 years by our proud and passionate winegrowers.

In 2002, we created our own ampelographic conservatory. This ‘living library’ safeguards the character of our wines and the future of our appellations. Tomorrow, some of the unknown grape varieties of our conservatory will undoubtedly be the hallmark of our ‘original’ great wines.”

Olivier Bourdet-Pees, Managing Director

Our challenges

Meeting tomorrow’s challenges means anticipating them today.
Our R&D help us find solutions to the major challenges we face. Through the rediscovery of indigenous grape varieties, more respectful vineyard management, and the implementation of more accurate winemaking techniques, we are steering our entire territory towards producing wines that are more suited to their environment, healthier, better tasting, more digestible and representative of our way of life.


Plaimont’ ampelographic conservatory led to the revival of the Manseng Noir grape. This feat led to the creation, in 2014, of the Moonseng cuvée (Côtes de Gascogne PGI), a new addition that enriches the Plaimont signature blend collection.


Organic wine growing

In the past few years, a dynamic group of winegrowers has committed to organic farming methods. This ambitious approach requires a high level of accuracy to ensure a regular harvest. After a great deal of training and experimentation, the first years have produced distinctive wines, revealing the strong ties to their origin. The vineyard is expanding. It paves the way for high quality wines that are in harmony with their environment.

Pas de coté et Oceanide
We have succeeded through team-work. No single winegrower could have achieved on his own the work accomplished through our ampelographic conservatory.

Eric Fitan, Winemaker