The Château de Sabazan is located in the medieval village of the same name, near Aignan. Work in the vineyard imposes a seasonal rhythm on the lives of the 150 souls who live here between the 13th-century Romanesque church and the Château, rebuilt in the 15th century with stones dating back to the 13th.

A great wine,

made of a blend of patience and tradition.


In 1987 Plaimont vinified grapes from the Château de Sabazan harvest for the first time, and since then the wine has received a great many awards in the essential guides, as well as international competitions.


With its intense fruity, spicy aromas and silky tannins, the Château de Sabazan pairs beautifully with slivers of local cured ham, or equally a prime rib of beef, a leg of lamb or fine cheeses.

The vineyard

Out of a total surface area of 17 hectares of vines (Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinenc), only 9 are reserved for production of the Château Sabazan Grand Vin. The exceptional terroir, on a plateau of compact, poor, fawn-coloured sands, brings out in the Tannat grape all the elegance and class to be expected from the finest of Graves wines. The terroir is unequalled in terms of elegance but does require the vines to have a very deeply implanted root system (to avoid an excess or lack of water), and so only fifteen or twenty-year old vines can express their full potential in the chateau’s Grand Vin.

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