Le Faîte, either red or white, is the iconic wine of the Saint Mont appellation. Blending of this Grand Cru is an unmissable annual event, conducted by big names in wine and food. Le Faîte’s wooden label pays tribute to the winegrowers of the past who kept their exceptional wines under the clay soil, identified by a tongue of wood.

A unique blend,

which takes place every year in the prestigious sanctuary of La Tour de Termes d’Armagnac..


The red Le Faîte (from Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Pinenc grapes) is produced on several of the best parcels in the Aignan, Plaisance, and Saint Mont terroirs. They comprise limestone and variegated clay soils, and fawn-coloured sand. The parcels are old enough for the vine roots to accept regulated water, and have been selected for their cool geographical situations in order to produce grapes bursting with all the power and freshness the area’s microclimate can bestow. Protection of the vineyard is sustainable thanks to the latest-generation tools and techniques. The wine is barrel-aged for 12 months, then spends a further 4 months in tank to bring complete harmony to the cuvée.

On the palate / Mouthfeel

Full and structured, this wine develops an aromatic complexity of black fruit (blackberry, blackcurrant) and liqueur, underlined by subtly toasted notes. This wine goes very well with finely sliced cured ham, a duck breast stuffed with mushrooms or fine cheeses.

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