Proud of their territory, the five winegrowers who busily work in the hilly Gers town of Plaisance invite you to take “a step to the side” and discover the native grape varieties of a terroir unique in the South-West.

Taking the time,
at nature’s pace

Organic winegrowing

The vineyard is run on organic growing principles, with vines carefully pruned and trained according to the Guyot system. This regulates the vigour and generosity of the Pyrenean grape varieties (like Tannat) as naturally as possible. To manage grass, a complex matter in this high-rainfall region, winegrowers have to be meticulous and quick to react, without fail. Green manure is generally used to manage this aspect and contribute organic matter.

The work

Mechanical tools are used to remove clods of earth and ensure that grass does not compete too aggressively with the vines. Every effort is made to respect the vine’s equilibrium and boost its capacity for natural self-defence in its environment.

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