In 1991, year of a memorable early frost, our winegrowers decided to wait until the final day of the year before harvesting the last grape clusters in a festive atmosphere. The Saint Sylvestre Pacherenc wine was born… Every year it gives us immense pleasure to keep up the tradition, and welcome hundreds of visitors who come to join us in harvesting the last grapes of the year.

Harvested under flaming torchlight

for an exceptional blend

The exception

The Saint Sylvestre cuvée embodies the mastery of Plaimont winegrowers in the field of sweet wines and late harvests. It symbolises the exceptional potential of Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh’s finest terroirs to rival the greatest sweet wines. It has a marvellous “ice wine” acidity that balances the honey-sweet aromas of overripe grapes and the liqueur’s imposing viscosity in a delightfully weightless wine.


The finest parcels in the appellation are selected; they lie on steep hillsides facing East to South-East, which enjoy the first sunrays of the morning while being spared the more brutal ones of late afternoon. The steep slopes contribute to perfect drainage of the area’s clays. These play an important role in regulating the water that is required for the late-harvest wines of the Petit Manseng to express their full potential.

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