Our wines are made with accuracy and precision. Unique great wines that express their terroir, distinguished aromas, ready to drink wine but with good ageing potential. There’s no hidden secret Just a lot of hard work, care and attention.


Our red wines

Our red wines are essentially vinified by long macerations and very slow extractions. This process respects the prime attribute of the grapes, giving them a fine length and complexity that reveals the typicity of the Pyrenean foothills. They are then aged in vats or oak barrels to refine the style and elegance of our appellation wines, whereas the exuberant fruit of our Gascony wines can be enjoyed within the first year.

Our white wines

We value our white grapes, and so we treat them with respect by gentle pressing following meticulously controlled skin maceration according to know-how developed by Plaimont. This confers the unique flavours of citrus and exotic fruits to our white wines, particularly the Côtes de Gascogne.

Our great white wines are characterized by a complex aromatic expression. The well-defined texture and subtle balance between their distinct fruity maturity and precise aging gives them a remarkable tension.

Our rosé wines

Our rosé wines are always pressed after gentle skin maceration, which enhances their light, elegant character. They are the natural choice for summer evenings or on the beach. These are increasingly full-favoured and crisp wines which are ideal for all types of celebrations or social gatherings.

Côtes de Gascogne PGI

Château de Cassaigne



AOC Saint Mont

Les Vignes Préphylloxériques

Le Faîte
(Rouge – Blanc)


Château de Sabazan

Les Vignes retrouvées

Un pas de coté BIO

Rosé d’enfer

AOC Madiran

Château Arricau-Bordes



AOC Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh

La Saint Sylvestre

Saint Albert