As keen as ever to defend the indigenous grape varieties of southwest France, Plaimont is reviving a forgotten varietal that has been carefully preserved in its Ampelographic Conservatory: Manseng Noir. It can be discovered (Merlot blended with Manseng Noir) in MOONSENG, a dark-coloured, silky-textured wine.

Let’s expand our horizons…aim for the moon !

“Moonseng”, is an unexpected and original tribute to a forgotten grape variety: the Manseng Noir.


Faithful to their desire to promote and develop the Pyrenean grape varieties of the South-West, Plaimont revived a forgotten grape variety of the Tannat family, the Manseng Noir, a variety that has been observed and micro-vinified by the winegrowers since 2008, in the Ampelographic Conservatory.


The nose is full of red fruit (Merlot) shot through with notes of black tea and the characteristic very spicy green pepper. The freshness of this blend is instantly evident on a palate supple with silky tannins.

Goes well with

This surprising wine would be a superb accompaniment to beef carpaccio or a fresh duck breast salad.

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