With Plénitude, rustic traditionalism has made way for elegance. At Plaimont, we say Plénitude is a “civilised” Madiran: one that has considerable body that renders it suitable for ageing, but is at the same time worth savouring in its youth for its oh-so-complex red fruit aromas.

Complex elegance

Terroir & grape varieties

The “Plénitude” Madiran comes from the Viella, Cannet and Maumusson-Laguian terroir in the Gers, whose clay gives the wine a powerful, structured character. The tannins in the wine are typical of this very complex terroir. Only 5 ha of vines are given over to this cuvée, and their grapes (Tannat, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc) are painstakingly selected and picked by hand.


This sunny-climate wine, aged in 225-litre barrels for 12 to 14 months, is a contemporary, high-calibre expression of all that the Tannat varietal can convey.

One the palate / Mouthfeel

Very deep purple colour with a touch of violet.

Rich and complex nose where blackcurrant and blackberry mingle harmoniously with aromas of dried fig, quince and sweet spices. Swirling brings out scents of cloves, tobacco and leather.

Mouth built on characteristic, well-enveloped tannins. Notes of sticky plum and black cherry will mark the whole. The overall impression is of elegant complexity and a warm, lasting finish.

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