Continuously committed to preserving heritage and the terroir, the winegrowers of Plaimont have created, on the terroirs of Gascony, Elia, an ethereal cuvée with a naturally low alcohol content thanks to the predominance of the Colombard grape variety.

Naturally low in alcohol

The history behind the wine

Colombard, the main grape variety used in this cuvée, makes it possible to produce a naturally low-alcohol wine. This grape variety, which is characteristic of the cool terroir of Côtes de Gascogne, has always produced wines with an excellent balance between being ethereal and easy-to-drink. Influenced by the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees mountains, Gascony’s unique microclimate alone determines the freshness and aromatic character of the wines in this region. Selecting the latest-ripening terroirs, winegrowers use the full range of their expertise to obtain increasingly delicious grapes with a low sugar content. Elia is the result.


This cuvée is the result of plot-by-plot selection of Colombard on terroirs limiting sugar levels during the ripening phase. After gentle skin-contact maceration and ageing on the lees at a very low temperature, the grapes produce an easy-to-drink wine at 9% abv. A cuvée naturally low in alcohol that expresses all the originality of Gascony’s exotic and juicy wines and their intrinsic fruitiness..


The fermentation techniques used for this cuvée produce a very fruity wine that is crisp and delicious on the palate. Voici Mon Secret reveals flavours of citrus (grapefruit), fresh mint and passion fruit. These are underpinned by a juicy and easy-to-drink character created by the natural aspect of this low-alcohol wine, reminiscent of fruit juice. Enjoy simply as an aperitif, or with seafood, grilled jumbo prawns, fish or salad.

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