The “Saint Albert” cuvée certainly bears its name well… the grapes are harvested around 15th November, day of the Viella Fair (and Saint Albert’s Day).

The Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh from an ancient Béarnais dialect:

a chestnut pole or stake (pachet) was planted in the ground at the foot of each grapevine to support it. “Renc” means rows and “Vic-Bilh” means the “old country”..



The finest parcels in the appellation are selected; they lie on steep hillsides facing east to south-east, which enjoy the first sunrays of the morning while being spared the more brutal ones of late afternoon. After the first two harvests in late October and early November, the extra-ripened grapes of the finest cuvées are harvested in mid-November. As soon as the right acidity/sweetness balance is achieved during ageing, fermentation is halted by lowering the temperature to allow time to take care of the rest slowly. It takes 8 to 10 months for the Manseng varieties to release their aromas and for the liqueur to reach optimal integration in the wine.


Golden yellow in colour with bright tints. On the nose are aromas of peach jam or orange marmalade. In the mouth, the balance between sweetness and freshness leaves a suave, lively taste that leads to a lovely long finish.

Goes well with

This wine is the ideal companion for regional foie gras, veined cheeses such as Roquefort, and meals that end with not-too-sweet desserts… lemon tart for example.

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