A wine-growing area for many years given over to producing Armagnac brandy, this land of plenty enjoyed a winemaking revival in the late 1970s, when André Dubosc rediscovered a local grape variety called “French Colombard” at a wine tasting event in the United States! This Gascon visionary then went on to develop winegrowing and winemaking techniques to bring out the best of the Colombard variety, on its native soil.

Exuberance and freshness


Our Cotes de Gascogne wines offer a wide variety of dry and sweet wines, red and rosé wines, all characterised by full flavours and freshness.

A unique terroir.

The vineyards here in Gascony are lush, green and generous, and the night-time harvests enhance the freshness and the aromatic potential of these white grape varieties. After alcoholic fermentation the “thiols” develop aromas of exotic and citrus fruits, which are so characteristic of our Gascony wines.

Discover a few of our emblematic/iconic cuvées

Saint Mont AOC

Saint Mont is the reference appellation in terms of grape varietal research (ampelography). It is home to the first vineyard listed as a Historical Monument (in 2012), and the first private conservatory in France (since 2002).

Madiran AOC

In the foothills of the Pyrenees mountain range, just 40 km from Pau, the Madiran hills stretch over 1400 hectares. The indigenous grape variety, Tannat, is at the heart of the identity and originality of our Madiran reds.

Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh AOC

Pacherenc, made in the same production zone as Madiran, is the fruit of over-ripened, sugar-rich grapes that are harvested late, giving it a wonderful freshness and smoothness.