In the style of a true virtuoso, Maestria offers a masterful expression of its Pyrenean terroir. With grape clusters harvested after rigorous selection, and transformed into wine by a master’s touch, in the glass it releases aromas of fruit and vanilla.

What more is there to say?


This wine is made from a blend of grapes from the appellation’s earliest-producing terroirs in the Gers department. The clay subsoil is warmed by the presence of pebbles and/or fine gravel which encourages a natural sweetness in the wine.


Maestria is bright in colour and has delightful expression, highlighted by remarkable freshness and good length on the fruit flavours (blackcurrants and blackberries). To sum up, a velvety smooth wine with fluid, silky tannins. A real pleasure and a veritable door to the exceptional world of gastronomic food pairings with Madiran wines!

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