A moment of great emotion, with the discovery of the new vintage of this fresh, exuberant wine, emblematic of Gascony. Every year on the 3rd Thursday in October, the Plaimont winegrowers present the new COLOMBELLE vintage.

New vintage

Colombelle, the surprising adventure of a Gascony pioneer

Created nearly 30 years ago after rediscovery of the Colombard grape, a native varietal of South-West France, Colombelle “L’Original” remains the pioneer cuvée in the Côtes de Gascogne range. Recognised throughout the world for its inimitable aromatic and crisp style, Colombelle embodies all the values of the Gascon region in a mixture of exuberance and freshness.

Events around Colombelle

For the new vintage, our winegrowers offer a series of events in partner establishments in the area and elsewhere: Toulouse, Auch, Pau, Tarbes and many other cities.
The winegrowers, and sometimes musicians or groups, set the tables and countertops with COLOMBELLE colours. Roam through patios, and go from table to table offering glass of Colombelle, so that you can discover a cuvée that is unequalled.

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